• Everybody Hurts Sometimes

    Today is hard.

    Today is really hard.  I did a lot yesterday.  When I wasn’t so ill, it would have been just a day.  Now that my body sucks and it doesn’t work properly its harder and harder.  I’m in so much pain.  I’m so sad.  I’m so tired.  And I don’t have any more energy to keep doing this.  I am so sick of being in pain and not being allowed to say it, do anything about it, get help for it.  I feel done.  Its too much.

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  • Everybody Hurts Sometimes

    Doctor Douche

    I suffer from Chronic Pain.  Its taking all the strength I have not to delete that statement.  I feel that as soon as someone knows I have chronic health issues they make assumptions about me.  I’m lazy, or over-dramatic, or I just want attention.  Full Disclosure, I am TOTALLy lazy and overdramatic, but those things have nothing do with my illness.  More like exist in SPITE of my illness.  Everything I do is in spite of my illness. One of the issues that causes me daily pain is my herniated discs.  I have them in my back and neck.  Its debilitating.  I’ve had all the treatments, nerve medication, lidocaine patches,…

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