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Say What Now?

I just received a letter from my daughter’s school complaining that my daughter has been tardy/absent more than five times this semester and I need to pay attention and make sure she is attending.  It took everything I have not to go there in person in my pajamas with no bra and tell them to fuck all the way off to their faces.

Ainsley is a competitive gymnast.  It is her passion.  She had two injuries this year, the latest is her ankle.  She fractured it in four places and tore every ligament.  She was in a cast for several weeks, then graduated to a boot which she is currently in.  She has been attending physical therapy several times a week and I had to pull her from competition half way through the season.  At every appointment I have her collect a doctor’s note and she brings it to school so that her tardy or absence is excused.  The school is so afraid she’ll further injure herself while at school they won’t even let her on the playground at recess.  I actually had to email the P.E. teacher because I found out that she’d berated and teased Ainsley about her injury during class in front of students, and insinuated Ainsley is lazy and doesn’t want to participate in P.E.  Yeah… fuck you.

So, today I get this email and its almost the end of the year.  I’ve got ZERO patience for this nonsense.  I sent a response… it will be interesting to see how they deal with it.  If their inclination is to defend the letter… well… then I might have to show up in my PJs and tell them what I think about it.  Here is my response:

Attendance Secretary, 
I’m a bit confused why I received this absolutely offensive garbage letter.  Ainsley has had two severe injuries this year, resulting in thousands of dollars of medical care, testing, scans, intervention and physical therapy.  She may still need surgery if these measures fall short.  I’ve brought in letters from her Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical Therapist, the ER nearly every time she has an appointment.  Shes been in a cast, brace, walking boot, active brace or some supportive measure for over six weeks.  Sending a letter of this type insinuates that there are consequences for her receiving treatment for a legitimate injury simply because it is at an inconvenient time for the school. I expect these letters to cease immediately.  I find unconscionable  that you see fit to send out a blanket letter “notifying” me of her “irregular attendance” as if I am unaware of the days she has been late or absent.  The school is WELL AWARE that she is undergoing continued treatment and that her absences and tardies are a result of that treatment and are absolutely vital to her physical health and well being.  I am fulfilling my obligation as her Mother and Advocate by fully pursuing every possible avenue for recovery.
Do not send me another letter “reminding” me of my obligations as a parent.  I am fulfilling them to the best of my ability, and the tone of your letter is both demeaning and insulting.  

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  • Cynthia

    Morons. That had to have been an automated letter. Because nobody thinks to actually make a notation in the school database to keep it from being sent. Go you!